Grower Camp

All growers are the best growers in the business.

– […] People think that I’m egotistical and narcissistic, but it’s not true. I-I uh I… As a matter of fact, if I did identify with a Greek mythological character, it would not be Narcissus.

– Who would it be?

– Zeus


Why do we claim that all growers are the best growers in the business?

Because every grower puts an incredible level of passion into looking after their crop.

And how can we help you?

Become part of the Grower Camp


Real people, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are needed to support the growth of light hemp sativa. A natural and sustainable resource for a totally ecological new industrial era.
We don’t know each other well yet but it is certain that we have more than one thing in common. Surely the same passion and the same dedication. Let’s take this road together, we have so much to tell you.


After time, effort and extreme care you are reaping the fruits of your industriousness. The commitment has brought you to the first important goal, the harvest of the plant or its parts. Will it be time to take it? Will it be ideal for the use you wanted to make of it?
Doubts and uncertainties will be less heavy if you share them with us.


Together we will be the pioneers of a new era of light sativa hemp. We will have at our side the support of science, innovative machinery and a unique know-how.
We create something unthinkable. Let’s unite, to be unstoppable.

We can help you improve

  • Optimizing the yield per square meter with our consultancy;
  • Providing you with seedlings that will allow you to collect beautiful and homogeneous flowers;
  • Improving the quality level of the product with the THC reduction treatment.

How we work

  • Ongoing research and development;
  • Cultivations under the GACP and GMP regime (awaiting certification);
  • 24h – 7 days a week to treat 1,000kg of light hemp sativa / day and carry out 190 analyzes / day.

Why we do it

  • We love what we do;
  • We love how we do it;
  • We want to teach what we know;