There is no because! Teach you any more today I won’t. Clear your mind of questions”, says Yoda to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back.

Sadly, at Azienda Agricola Colornese we can’t grasp the Jedi Master’s noble teaching, because we can’t stop asking questions. Our in-house agronomist knows all about this, as he’s the one we constantly ask for answers.

We’re aware that the world of Cannabis Sativa Light is not yet fully explored, but we have a lot of information about it. Thanks to our agronomists and our continuous ongoing research and development – in which we invest everything we can – we have the confidence to say that we hold a large proportion of the knowledge in the sector.

And we put our experience and knowledge at the disposal of all the growers who request our help:

    1. we carry out an inspection at the growing site;
    2. we analyse and study the data collected and gather any missing information (latitude, longitude, slope of the land, % risk of bad weather, climate etc);
    3. we come up with a plan that’s proportional between production and harvest;
    4. we develop a TURNKEY project;
    5. we support you at every stage of the cultivation process;
    6. we rejoice with you for your harvest!

There are many aspects to bear in mind when you’re – or you want to become – a Cannabis Sativa Light grower. Doubts and questions may arise, or you may simply be faced with issues you know nothing about, and find yourselves in trouble. This is why our advice service by qualified and well-informed staff allows us to support growers for every need.

With extremely thorough, comprehensive, detailed and highly professional advice.

We know our work, and we’ve chosen to keep our abilities to ourselves. We’re totally at the disposal of growers!

When I say THC reduction treatment, I already know what you're thinking…

is it legal and authorised?


is it guaranteed?

Yes, by our standards and quality control.

is the result certain?

Yes, we only deliver after accurate in-house quality checks.

is it insured?

Yes, our insurance covers third-party goods.

Why do I need your authorisations?

We issue standard invoices, so the whole process is traceable.

Where do you do it?

In a specially equipped facility

How much weight is lost with THC reduction treatment?

Between 15% and 20% of the total.

How soon do I receive the goods back?

About 8 working days for THC reduction treatment.

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