We’ve discovered that the biggest secret to the success of a project is its network of contacts, partners and collaborators: working alone you’ll never get anywhere.

Thanks to the network we’ve created during these years of R&D, we have the ability to be the link that closes the circle: we start with a certified seed and end by selling the improved flower.

So, think of the most beautiful flower you can, the most fragrant and natural. Well… we have that flower, and we make it available to you with our wholesale service.

We sell flowers B2B, supplying you with the best inflorescences on the market, guaranteed, tracked, analysed and improved.  We provide you with the best certified cultivars on the market and ensure you’re never in a position to lose face with your customers.

We take care of every single flower, because for us each one is a valuable resource.

We understand the efforts and sacrifices made by growers, and we make sure our inflorescences are produced with passion and synonymous with high quality.

We don’t work for you, we work WITH YOU.

We don’t sell Cannabis Sativa Light wholesale, we SUPPLY HIGH QUALITY INFLORESCENCES.

When I say THC reduction treatment, I already know what you're thinking…

is it legal and authorised?


is it guaranteed?

Yes, by our standards and quality control.

is the result certain?

Yes, we only deliver after accurate in-house quality checks.

is it insured?

Yes, our insurance covers third-party goods.

Why do I need your authorisations?

We issue standard invoices, so the whole process is traceable.

Where do you do it?

In a specially equipped facility

How much weight is lost with THC reduction treatment?

Between 15% and 20% of the total.

How soon do I receive the goods back?

About 8 working days for THC reduction treatment.

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