We’ve been here since 2018, but until 2021 we were really, really busy doing research and development.

We felt like mini alchemists, great chemists with a little agronomy thrown in and – why not – innovators. We examined a vast number of genetic types, comparing their entire life cycles, falling in love with them and occasionally cursing them. We tried growing in soil, with soil, without soil, with mineral wool: you name it, we’ve tried it! We studied every little detail of Cannabis Sativa Light. We carried out trial cultivations: some worked, others didn’t. We observed the behaviour of each genetic type.

And now here we are, ready to support growers all over the world in our shared mission: growing Cannabis Sativa Light.

We supply to growers:

  • seedlings at the most appropriate vegetative stage;
  • advice on the most suitable cultivars;
  • we nurture the cultivar, then entrust it to people who’ll love it as much as we do.

Thanks to the time we’ve invested in research and development, we can say that in our view, the best cultivation method is the one that best conserves the planet’s greatest resource: water. So we use hydroponics and a drip watering system, applying only organic fertilisers and no pesticides.

In the first of our 3 indoor rooms we place the seeds – which are certified – in a mineral wool substrate and recreate their natural habitat with controlled temperature and chromatic lighting as we wait to meet the new plants. Our crops are continuously monitored.

However, we still reserve part of our indoor rooms for research and development. If new certified seeds appear on the market, there’s no question: we test them!

We’re a close-knit team and each of us plays our role with unconditional passion. We work in controlled atmosphere rooms, and the plants we give up for adoption are flawless. From the outset we have operated in accordance with strict GACP and GMP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines, and we’ll soon be celebrating our certification.

We respect every plant we grow, and we’ve introduced a plant passport system which traces the whole journey: from purchase of the seed to adoption of the plants. By doing this we can offer maximum transparency to growers who choose us as a trusted partner.

When I say THC reduction treatment, I already know what you're thinking…

is it legal and authorised?


is it guaranteed?

Yes, by our standards and quality control.

is the result certain?

Yes, we only deliver after accurate in-house quality checks.

is it insured?

Yes, our insurance covers third-party goods.

Why do I need your authorisations?

We issue standard invoices, so the whole process is traceable.

Where do you do it?

In a specially equipped facility

How much weight is lost with THC reduction treatment?

Between 15% and 20% of the total.

How soon do I receive the goods back?

About 8 working days for THC reduction treatment.

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