Treatment for THC reduction


Our company was founded for a specific mission: to always support growers all over the world.

We’ve embraced evolution and become the pioneers of a unique and inimitable service: THC reduction treatment.

We can transform any crop, making it marketable and within European legal limits.

At the end of our production process, Cannabis Sativa Light inflorescences are optimised and improved, but above all guaranteed. All thanks to our meticulous in-house quality control:

we receive a small amount of your Cannabis Sativa Light

we carry out initial analysis

we do a trial treatment for THC reduction

we check the results with further analysis of the treated sample

We are the pioneers of a unique and inimitable service: thanks to our machine for exclusive European use, we support you for THC reduction treatment

We support growers with our THC reduction treatment.

The result is guaranteed, the harvest is assured (thanks to insurance by AxA Assicurazioni), THC is reduced to comply with European legal limits.

A uniquely innovative, reliable, certified and secure service!

When I say THC reduction treatment, I already know what you're thinking…

is it legal and authorised?


is it guaranteed?

Yes, by our standards and quality control.

is the result certain?

Yes, we only deliver after accurate in-house quality checks.

is it insured?

Yes, our insurance covers third-party goods.

Why do I need your authorisations?

We issue standard invoices, so the whole process is traceable.

Where do you do it?

In a specially equipped facility

How much weight is lost with THC reduction treatment?

Between 15% and 20% of the total.

How soon do I receive the goods back?

About 8 working days for THC reduction treatment.

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