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Thc Reduction Treatment

Reduction of THC to within European legal limits

The Service

The THC reduction treatment service entails the placement of the biomass inside a special watertight chamber where, following a set of chemical-physical treatments at a controlled temperature (+/-20°C), the concentration of cannabinoids present in the treated plant material can be reduced.

Analysis and monitoring

Once the customer has supplied the test product, our internal laboratory analyses the content of the cannabinoids. Among the various data collected, the percentage of moisture present in the lot is measured. If the moisture of the biomass is not suitable for treatment (about 13%), it will be reconditioned using specific machinery to ensure the highest quality of the result.

State-of-the-art technology

The reduction process takes place in an insulated chamber, at controlled pressures and temperatures, where the pressure-injected solution gently comes into contact with the glandular trichomes of the inflorescences and extracts the active components, part of the chlorophyll, waxes, and fats present in the plant material. Once biomass processing is complete, the obtained inflorescence sample is placed inside a special machine that regulates internal moisture and allows the remaining solvent present inside the lot to evaporate.

A complete service

The product undergoing THC reduction treatment is then analysed, vacuum-packed in a protected atmosphere and sent to the customer.

Azienda Agricola Colornese ensures compliance with the rules on statutory THC limitations and a high organoleptic quality, keeping the properties of the outgoing product unaltered.

THC Reduction Treatment FAQ

is it legal and authorised?


is it guaranteed?

Yes, by our standards and quality control.

is the result certain?

Yes, we only deliver after accurate in-house quality checks.

is it insured?

Yes, our insurance covers third-party goods.

Why do I need your authorisations?

We issue standard invoices, so the whole process is traceable.

Where do you do it?

In a specially equipped facility

How much weight is lost with THC reduction treatment?

Between 15% and 20% of the total.

How soon do I receive the goods back?

About 8 working days for THC reduction treatment.

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