Strange, isn't it? You've never read about a beginning like that.ì.

And yet, we began simply and ordinarily with a journey.

Or rather, our story begins at the end of a journey. On the return trip, to be exact.

It’s 2018 and a young entrepreneur from Parma is just back from a trip to Amsterdam that has piqued his curiosity; he begins to devote some of his time to studying Cannabis Sativa Light and its therapeutic properties.

Very soon his initial research leads him to share his intuition with his colleagues, who immediately give their initial responses: “You’re a visionary!”; “Oh no, I’m not working with cannabis.”

But the shift from these initial reactions to the next major step was even quicker: “Yes, we’re with you in this venture”.

And so the triad came into being: the undisputed foundation of this courageous and ambitious enterprise, and among arguments, laughter, lunches and huge amounts of passion, a farsighted project was born. Unquestionably unique and exclusive.

But you know what the moral of the story is?

Of the 15 members of the team, no one has ever questioned this vision: we are undoubtedly pioneers in an innovative market, strongly criticised but inevitably an unstoppable business with a flavour of togetherness!